Public Art, Sculpture January 11, 2010


Series of Living Bibles with Digital Print Dust Covers

The concept of the work was to transform a neutral, timeless object into a contemporary context. I selected a series of Living Bibles written in English and updated with American colloquialisms. I designed and illustrated a new dust cover for the eight books in the series.

My intent was to reposition the book as a work of fiction, stating on the cover that it was the number one selling novel of all time. Once the dust covers were completed and placed on the books, I resold them back to a second hand bookstore, Half-Priced Books, as works of fiction. I monitored the store weekly to see if the books had sold, and at the end of six weeks, five had sold under the new title.  One of the five was purchased by a Baptist Minister who found me, and had me sign the work so that he could frame it.