Las Pozas: Steps & Falls

Available for the iPAD, and it is awesome >>

Las Pozas: Steps and Falls is an interactive virtual tour of the fantastical surrealist garden created by the iconoclastic British aristocrat and poet Edward James (1907-1984). A visionary patron and friend of the European surrealist artists, James supported projects by Salvador Dáli and sat for portraits by René Magritte and Man Ray while also amassing a major collection of surrealist art. In the late 1940s James moved to Mexico where, over a twenty-year period, aided by his friend and collaborator Plutarco Gastélum, as well as a score of local craftsmen, he built architectural “follies” next to a cascading waterfall and several pools in a forty acre tropical rain forest site.

LAS POZAS is located in the Sierra Madre mountain village of Xilitla, San Luis Potosí, Mexico.