Installation, Sculpture January 11, 2010

Midwestern / Mideastern (Jihad Belt Buckle)

Midwestern-Mideastern (Jihad)
Silver Plated Bronze Buckles, Hand tooled belts, Video
Projection: 10 Ft in diameter
Buckle: 6″ in diameter

Based on the Texas “Ye-haw” and its connection with the “country” sub-culture, the “Jihad” belt buckles are fashioned with a cowboy hat at the top of the J. The projection is an illustrated version of both West Texas and many regions of the Middle East. Both of which are rich in oil and subcultured dress. The buckles are chased and repoussed and casted in bronze. They are then silver plated and polished. The leather belts are hand tooled with images of a bald eagle head, and an eagle in flight.