Pluvia [rain]

50 mW lasers, mirrors, and mirrorpane

Anthony Thompson Shumate’s PODS® container explores the impact of weather as a powerful cultural and aesthetic force. Shumate’s unit is equipped high-tech lasers that create an environment made of light and sound based on the experience of the regional weather.  The expansive resources of Houston are used to create an aesthetically driven work of conceptual art that explores the transportive experience for viewers as they encounter the city.

The artist would like to thank South Coast Signs, Special Projects in Katy, Texas. All materials originate and/or are manufactured in the Houston Area.

Presented by Blaffer Art Museum, the UH Public Arts Collection, and Houston Arts Alliance, the Portable On Demand Art project (P.O.D.A.) is a temporary public art exhibition featuring the work of Aerosol Warfare, BOX 13 ArtSpace, Lynne McCabe, Gabriel Martinez, Metalab, and Anthony  Thompson Shumate. Each artist or collective of artists has uniquely transformed a PODS® container into a work of art.

Originally created for the May 2011 American Association of Museums (AAM) Annual Meeting & MuseumExpo™, P.O.D.A. was funded by a partnership between PODS Houston, the City of Houston, and the Houston Arts Alliance.  The P.O.D.A. project provides a non-traditional platform for artists to explore the cultural, ecological, political, scientific and socio-economic forces shaping Houston’s aspirations for the future, and showcases our city as a vibrant arts and cultural capital and museum mecca for locals and visitors alike. For the past seven months the P.O.D.A. exhibition has been on view in various locations throughout the greater Houston area. Six out of the eight projects are currently on view near the Fine Arts Building and the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture at the University of Houston. For participating artist information and past project locations, please visit: